Third Annual Reunion
Holiday Inn Riverwalk - San Antonio, TX
June 13th-17th, 2007

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Shari, Elaine, Cass, Tara

Elaine & Christy

Carol, Chuck & Campbell

Kate, Holly, Cassie, Emmily

Saturday Buffet

Tyler, Kate, Shari

19 Moyamoya Patients

Stanford Patients

San Antonio Gang

Chuck, Marci, Amy, Brenda

Todd & Rieko Matsunaga, Harry & Trisha Blackburn

Diner Saturday Night

Diner Saturday Night

Diner Saturday Night

Brett McFee

DJ & Steph

Amy, Brenda, Bobby

Christy & Chuck

Shari, Christy, Tara, Kate

Emmily, Christy, Holly, Cassie, Kate, Hilary

Christy, Shari, Tara, Carol, Michelle, Kate

Hayden Gilbert

Tammy & Elaine

KC & Christy

Campbel & Jill

Brett & Kyle McFee

Linda, Hailey, Christy, Hillary, Holly

Kate, Christy, Cassie

Holly & Christy

Garnett at Dick's Last Resort
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