Internet support for those diagnosed with Moyamoya Disease

Below are some of the links I found on the internet last year when I was doing my initial research. I will look around some more and add new links as I can find them...


My Moyamoya Links:
What is Moyamoya? (Stanford Moyamoya Center)
Boston Children's
Moyamoya info from
Moyamoya on Wikipedia
Surgical Treatments for Moyamoya
Stanford Post-Op Care & Lifestyle Implications
NINDS Moyamoya Information
STA-MCA Bypass
Neurosurgical Focus (Excellent, but medical lingo)
More from Neurosurgical Focus
Columbia Univ. Pediatric Neurosurgery
Harvard Neurovascular News
Boston Children's Hospital Moyamoya Page
Dr. R. Michael Scott - Q & A
Surgical Options
Indian Pediatrics
Segments of the brain's artery's (Awesome!)
University of Hawaii
University of Iowa
Stanford University Moyamoya Center
UCLA Neurosurgery
Learning File Online
PubMed Reports

Moyamoya News Stories:
KRON and the Saenz family
KRON (San Francisco) news story
Article in the New York Times, Mar 29th, 2005

Holly Hoben's Story

Personal Moyamoya Stories:
Justin's Story
Winifred's Story
Breeana's site for kids & teens
Jessie's Moyamoya site
A story from Carla, another Moyamoya sufferer
Corrie Wong's Story

Greg's Moyamoya page

Moyamoya Specialists:
Dr. Gary K. Steinberg (Stanford University)
Dr. Edward R. Smith (Boston Children's Hospital)

Downloadable Moyamoya Videos/Files
.pdf Files:
(right click, save as)
Dr. Scott paper from Nov, 2005
Dr. Scott paper from Feb, 2004
Readers Digest article from 1992

.wmv Video Files: (right click, save as)
1st Stanford video from 1995(ish) - 5.25MB
2nd Stanford video from 2005/2006 - 13.4MB
Actual STA-MCA surgery (Warning! Graphic surgery video) - 7.56MB
Discovery Health, Mystery Diagnoses - Daphne Moyer Story - 17.2MB
ABC Primetime Medical Mysteries - Aired Jan 10, 2007 - 19MB

.flv Video Files: (right click, save as)
Chances are, you do not have a player on your computer for this type of video file. You will need to download an .flv player application and install it on your computer BEFORE you can watch these videos.

Here is the link to a simple flv player I installed on my system and it worked fine. Click here to download simple flv player.

Noah video from KRON in San Francisco - 12.3MB
ABC Primetime surgery video not shown during the actual airing of the show - (Warning! Graphic surgery video) - 5.85MB


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