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Posted by richard spicer on April 15, 2003 at 17:45:58:

(sorry 4 the spelling my eyes r not 2 good( hi all just thought i'd tell u my history a bit, i am 25 living in the uk and have just found out i have had 2 strokes. 2 weeks ago i woke up 2 a baging head and fuzzey eye sight, i went 2 the doctors and thay said i had a migrane, 4 days went by but still nothing had changed so my doctor referred me 2 the hospital. i spoke 2 the doctor who new about my older sister having been told she has moyamoya after having a stroke when she was 18. so i had a cat scan i was told i've had a stroke and there is also a old stroke. emm? then it hit me 3 years ogo i had been on holiday in corfu 2 days before we where coming back 2 the uk i started having a server tooth ache, back in the uk i went 2 the dentist who removed the tooth, i woke up to have problems with my words, i did not think 4 the live of me i had had a sroke i thought it was 2 do with the drugs i had 4 my tooth and also i started a new job(nerves). theres where the old stroke come from the doctors told me(wow nice stroke didnt even no) sorry,me words come back in about 2 mounths.
so because of the strokes i had a angeagrame which found i h moyamoya.
i am in a different hospital now and i have found out 2-day that in 2 days thay will b doing the bypass op on 1 side then in 3 months the othere side, my sister had the ops 9 years ago and she is fine but its so scary as every 1 no's. as the hereditry side goes i dont think any one no's 4 sure but my doctor says it looks like it could be something 2 do with smoking. SO PLZ PLZ dont even let ure angels round some 1 that smokes letalone smoke them self(i did smoke till the doctor said that, i0 would fall a part if my son was 2 get this in the future)
read some of the messages theres a lot that is the same as my sister and me and u lot, my sister has epalipsy at a young age and had tias, me ive had tias in the past plus i have had dipresion. lets just hope and prayer that some one can find out what this is all about. keep well every1 hope 2 write 2 u all soon

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