Internet support for those diagnosed with MoyaMoya Disease

Here are some pictures of some of the sufferers and supporters from our site. It is intended so you can put some of the faces with the names from the people on the message board.

If you have pictures of you and/or your loved ones you would like added to this page, you can email them to me and I will add them to the page. They can be either before, during, or after surgery pictures, whichever you like.

Please include a description of "who is who" in each picture plus the message board username of you, and/or the loved one you post for so everyone can associate a username with a face...  Click here to send me your pictures! Send "full sized" pictures, I will make the "thumbnails" to put on this page. Sufferers and Supporters
(message board usernames are in parenthesis)

Click each picture for a larger version!

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Robert, Tara & Noah

Steph, DJ, Dave, Noah & Maria



Noah (after second surgery)

Chili's Moyamoya dinner

Chili's Moyamoya dinner

Matthew & Robert

Mike & Robert (Islandentity)

Kotaro, Athena, Robert, Matthew, Azal, DJ & Noah

Ernie, Cherie and Julie

Jeana, Noah, Julie, Tara

Jeana and hubby John

Sara, Bonita and Kevin (from South Africa)

Jan (Janko), Sara (ILoveMyBulldog), Keith and Jan's Mom


Renee, Kyle, Jacob


Leo from Australia

Cheyenne Burks 08/13/04 - 03/18/07

Heather & Dr. Mericle

Jeana, Noah, Julie, Tara

Joad (Entesar S)

Joad (Entesar S)

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