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Posted by Julia on July 12, 2003 at 01:27:46:

Hi, my name is Julie I was diagnosed with moya moya @ 5 yrs ago, after having two strokes I was 30 yrs old, & at the time I was married with two kids, now divorced & remarried, (temporarily separated) with a total of four kids Two I have had with moya moya Their ages are 14, 10, 2, & 1. I have always had to work two jobs, & made sure that everything is taken care of with my kids, unfortunately I don't get any help from either one of my previous significant others. I now am faced with the fact that if I want to prolong my life FOR ME & of course with my kids, I have to get this bypass surgery on both sides of my head. Well, My thinking is if I have to take off of work for both jobs is to get this done back to back. As soon as I'm feeling better get the other side done. I unfortunately I live paycheck to paycheck. I called social security, & they said the could not help me financially because I already had a job & have not been disabled for a year. I will get 60% of my earnings from my first job only after they take out taxes & insurance. I was really wondering how any one out there was able to get by financially under similar circumstances. Am I the only one that is living on the edge financially?? Are there other organizations that can help? Im getting scared, not because of the surgery but because I dont want my kids to go without food because of the decision I have made. I am currently using my mom's email address: Please if anybody reads this & has any sugestions let me know. I will be going in for an angiogram on 8/4 staying in the hospital and having surgery on 8/5. Please, Please, Please, acknowledge receipt of this message with any sugesstions or ideas.

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